Letters to a Young Mormon – Review

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Title: Letters to a Young Mormon (Second Edition)
Author: Adam S. Miller
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Genre: Religion
Year of Publication: 2018
Number of Pages: 97
Binding: paper
Price: $9.99

Letters to a Young Mormon, Second Edition, by philosophy professor, Adam S. Miller, is an revised edition of his 2014 volume by the same name.  In this edition, Miller adds an updated introduction, as well as two new sections.   If you are familiar with the original book, you will recall that Miller fills the pages with “letters” to the Mormon youth of the future.  In each letter, Miller addresses a different theological topic for the young reader to engage in.  Topics such as Sin, Faith, and Agency are discussed.  In this second edition, Miller has added a section on the Sabath and a section on Stewardship.

Reading Miller is not easy, but worthwhile writing should make the reader strain and strive to see beyond their current understanding.  Miller is excellent at making the reader, whether young or not-so-young, contemplate issues with fresh thoughts and self-examinations.  For example, on the topic of Prayer, one could ask what else is there to discuss?  Yet, Miller extracts new avenues of thought.  He writes, “To Pray is to practice remembering God,” (Letters, pg 32.)  Prayer is not merely the rote routine of thanking and asking God for our wants.  Prayer is and can be a deeper devotional.

Reading Adam S. Miller is always an invitation to think more deeply, ponder with greater intent, and examine our own theology and discipleship.


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